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Slow Melt Popsicles and Fun Facts

August 5, 2010
By: Merri Cohen
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Love Popsicles, but hate the mess? Yuck, the sticky hands, dripping chins, and stained shirts! Now, Popsicle has come out with a new Slow Melt Popsicle that lasts longer and is less messy to eat. A touch of gelatin keeps them frozen longer than original ice pops. They come in four different varieties: Slow Melt Ice Age, Slow Melt Fantastic Fruity, Slow Melt Mighty Minis, and Slow Melt Dora the Explorer. This product could only have been made by a mom! If only it were available back when I was a kid--MY mom would have been much happier!
History of Popsicles
Did you know that the original Popsicle was invented accidentally by a kid? Yep, in 1905, 11-year-old Frank Epperson left a mixture of powdered soda, water, and a stirring stick in a cup on his porch. It was a cold night, and Epperson awoke the next morning to find a frozen pop. He called it the "Epsicle."
It was a hit with his friends at school, and later with his own kids. They constantly called for "Pop's 'sicle." So in 1923, Epperson changed the name and applied for a patent. A couple of years later, Epperson sold the rights to the brand name Popsicle® to the Joe Lowe Company in New York. The rest is history!
More Fun Facts About Popsicles
Cherry is the number one flavor
Popsicle ice pop sticks have riddles on them, but you can't find the answer until you have eaten the whole pop!
During World War II, the Eighth Air Force Unit chose Popsicle ice pops as a symbol of American life
The very first "ice cream man" sold Popsicle ice pops from a horse-drawn cart to children in Nebraska
Popsicle ice pops sticks are made of birch.
The twin Popsicle ice pop was invented during The Great Depression, so two children could share an ice pop for just a nickel.
Two billion ice pops are sold annually.
Fun Popsicle Games
Brain Freeze.  For every slurp of an ice pop, ask your child to name an object that's the same color as the pop. OR name a different famous person. OR a friend or family member. You get the idea!
Slow Melt Beat-the-Clock.See how long the fun lasts! Using a clock with a seconds hand, time your kids as they eat their Popsicle® Slow Melt ice pops. The SLOWEST slurper wins!
And right now, Popsicles is having an awesome promotion where you can enter to win one of three family adventures: 1) Dolphin Dive; 2) Space Camp; and 3) Dinosaur Dig. Go to https://secure.popsicle.com/Promotion/ to enter this cool contest!