Uncle Milton Nat Geo Toys

Macaroni Kid Review: Week 3 Wild for Puzzles and Games

August 23, 2012
Continuing with our 4 weeks of review of Uncle Milton Nat Geo Wild toys, we played with National Geographic Wild games & puzzles.  This week, we enjoyed learning and fun with the Foil Puzzle Shark and Four Classic Card Games. 

The Foil Puzzle Shark comes in a metal tin that shows the picture of what your puzzle will look like all finished.  Although the puzzle is suggested for ages 5 and up, my 4 year old (with my help) worked those little pieces into one amazing shark puzzle that looks so life like!  The details are amazing and made me want to go snorkling in the deep blue sea.  Until I watched episodes from Shark Week and then I was content looking at the finished puzzle.  

Four Classic Card Games has been a blast in our house this week.  It's Nat Geo's spin on classics like Go Fish, Old Maid, etc with a twist on the names like Go Divin, Old Ellie, King of the Jungle.  So cleaver! 
I even took these with us out to eat and played a few rounds of Go Divin while waiting for our food.  It kept my child entertained and patient without having her glued to the iPad or iPhone.

There are many more puzzles and games from the Nat Geo line by Uncle Milton.  Find them online HERE.  Enjoy!

Stay tuned to next week where we explore the Nat Geo Ant Eater. 

Disclaimer: These toys were provided to Dallas Macaroni Kid  for review. I was not paid for this review and the opinions above are 100% my own .